The Team

If You are interested in becoming a member of Our Team and feel like your values, knowledge, and aspirations are in line with what you’ve learned about our company, please don’t hesitate to contact Bernie Amell or Cory Albers and we will do our best to try and make it work.

Bernie Amell, BLA, CSLA (click to download resume)

Mr. Amell has a 35 year career focusing first on traditional teachings in landscape architecture with the last 12 years evolving into a specialty in environmental design.  In the latter capacity, he has become recognized as an expert in the design of constructed wetlands for water treatment, and in the restoration of streams and riparian habitats.  To date, he has designed over 80 such projects throughout Alberta and in British Columbia.  He is active in various environmental and social committees in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Cory Albers, P. Eng., M. Sc. (click to download resume)

Mr. Albers has 11 years of experience in a variety of water resources engineering projects.  He provides clients with technical depth in the analysis and modeling of fluid flow systems while considering how these systems can interact with larger physical and ecological environments.  By coupling his strong technical skills with an equally strong interest in larger systems interactions, Cory has experience working collaboratively with biologists, landscape architects, provincial and federal regulatory agencies, construction contractors and both private and public sector clients.