Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant Hydraulic Engineering

Source2Source Inc. (S2S) has been serving from 2014 through to the present as the hydrotechnical engineering specialty consultant for an approximate $500 million upgrade to the Calgary Bonnybrook WWTP (BBWWTP).  This includes working on hydraulic engineering optimization for plant process elements such as clarifiers, bioreactors, digesters, filtration, UV disinfection and multiple conveyance channel systems with flow control and flow splitting functions.  S2S is providing specialty hydraulic engineering services for almost every hydraulic system being upgraded at the BBWWTP.  S2S’ work on bioreactors included using advanced CFD tools to assess mixing jet arrangements and mixing performance.  S2S’s work on digesters involved designing the influent feed system to passively (i.e., without the need for control gates, control valves or control system intervention) and evenly split flow between multiple bioreactors and to multiple cells within bioreactors.