Pearce Estate Park Cold Water Stream, Calgary

This project was initiated because of the sensitivity of the large-scale fish hatchery aquaculture operation located within Pearce Estates Park, adjacent to the Bow Station Fish Hatchery. A complex of wetland and other ecotechnology systems were designed to treat the effluent waters from this area to ensure high quality water was entering the hatchery portion of the Bow River.  The design includes subsurface wetlands, marsh wetlands, riparian forest wetlands, a floating bog and several ponds. The objective is to have year-round water treatment, combined with nature and education values, such as interpretive signs and wildlife habitat.  A cold-water stream was constructed in 2003 using diverted river water to create 400 m of trout habitat. A marsh, fen, subsurface wetland and floating bog were also constructed in 2003.  Of special note, volunteers have been extensively involved in resourcing and implementation throughout the project.