Stretch Dredge

Source2Source Inc. has been actively re-imagining the process of managing sediment and other operational considerations in water bodies. One of the manifestations of this process is called the Stretch Dredge which is a novel approach to sediment removal in surface water systems.  The Stretch Dredge (patent pending) has specifically been envisioned to facilitate maintenance of stormwater ponds but could be applied in the service of maintaining a variety of water systems such as irrigation canals. The basic principle of this technology is utilizing long-reach equipment, specifically concrete pump trucks, to extract sediment from a stormwater pond by operating the equipment in reverse through the means of integrating a high flow slurry pump at the end of the boom. The resulting system would offer more than double the reaching distance of even a long-stick backhoe, be ideally suited for precision remediation tasks, and allow multi-purpose application by switching heads at the end of boom, much like switching attachments of a household vacuum. There are additional benefits associated with this technology, such as the possibility of mapping sediment deposition locations and documenting quantities of sediment removed while operating the equipment on-site.