Stormwater Kidney™

Wetlands and other natural biofiltration systems can be thought of as kidneys for a watershed. These systems are self sustaining and do not require human intervention or maintenance to purify and cleanse water. The Stormwater Kidney™ system from Source2Source Inc.:
• is designed with human pathogen reduction in mind;
• is a self maintaining biofiltration system;
• offers simplified sediment management;
• purifies and removes nutrients from stormwater so that nuisance outbreaks of algae and weeds are a thing of the past;
• creates high and consistent water quality for reliable non-potable stormwater use;
• fits within the same footprint of a traditional stormpond (greenfield or retrofit);
• maintains storage volumes & peak flow attenuation from storm events;
• creates additional active storage between storm events for extra community flood protection;
• is a beautiful addition to a community.